Rosalina please hold me tight.
Don’t you ever let me go.
Mr. DJ please turn down the light.
We’re dancing quick quick slow.

Swinging and swirling on the dance floor. 
Each move you make I love you even more.
Always cheerful wearing a smile.
Your sweet loving you do it in style.

Once we were the talk of the town.
You held your head up high,
All they did was spout some dirty lie.
Nothing could ever get you down.

See our grandkids playing in the dirt.
Listen, their laughter’s fills the air.
No need to rush, no one gets hurt.
All our loved ones gathered on this fair.

Johnny’s wearing his finest clothes.
Helen’s the girl that draws close.
She wants to hand Johnny a rose.
What Johnny’s got, nobody knows.

Helen the girl from across the street.
She knocks Johnny right of his feet.
Helen will take Johnny in a heart beat
Oh, how true love can be so sweet.

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